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I have two books published, a book of short stories published by the Argentine publishing house “Niña Pez Ediciones” called “Waking Up In The Dark”. The other one is a novel called “The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious”. I’m currently translating both books into English. Both are available on Amazon Kindle Store.

“Waking Up In The Dark”

“Waking Up In The Dark” is my first published book in Spanish, with the Argentine publishing house “Niña Pez Ediciones”, and it’ll be soon on Amazon. The fourteen stories that make up this book are about childhood adventures; deal with disagreements; the separations that are generated both with distance and with the passage of time; the loss of the dearest and the unexpected reunions.

The protagonists of these stories sometimes feel that hope is lost, that love is over, that their world is falling apart. But moved by an internal fire, they manage to find new forces to recover the lost and understand that they are made in the depths of their being. 

“The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious.”

My first novel calls “The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious.” This novel tells the story of Julian, who suffers from depression and is admitted to a psychiatric clinic. Isolated and far from his family is when he starts writing every day. Thus, he revisits his childhood and travels a large part of his past life until he reaches his present. As he writes, he also reads in parallel the novel by an unknown author named Walter Solar.

Julian feels identified with Eden, the protagonist of that novel. The two are rebuilding their lives in parallel; Julian through the stories he manages to tear away from oblivion; Eden traveling a world that borders dreams and nightmares. Both struggle to discover the world that lies hidden within each one.

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