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My Portfolio as a Content Writer

I’m a Content & Creative Writer with a long experience working for the industries of technology, entertainment, music, literature, and arts.

“I aspire every day to passion, creativity, critical thinking and to see beyond the conventional.”

My Story as a Writer

As a child, I was interested in drawing, music, and writing. I studied music at the music school, played guitar since I was fourteen, and composed songs in various bands of the rock scene in my city. Later I studied languages and translation and I did technical studies in communication technologies.

As an adult, I built my own company where I have been a consultant and supplier of products of several leading brands in the telecommunications market for over twenty years. After that, I reach a certain point in my life where I felt I had lost something along the way. I felt sad, empty and I could see that I needed something else.

So it came to me, I was lucky and I recover a childhood affinity. I reconnected with literature, began to write again, and I began to be happy again. Then I start to combine my activity in the world of technology with my affinity for writing and I think I have achieved a special blend of those two worlds.

There is a kind of magic at combining things that seems very different, but when they are mixed they coincide perfectly. I’ve never stopped writing, I’ve finished two books and I find myself creating content for my business and for the business of many others. Let me help you write the content you need.

My work as a Writer

As a content writer, creative writer, and copywriter I have a good understanding of SEO, WordPress, Marketing, Yoast, excellent written skills. My content is always 100 % unique, Search Engine optimized, and plagiarism free (Grammarly & Copyscape premium verified). I’m able to work independently and meet deadlines. I have already written over 250 articles and over 370,000 words on a wide range of topics, and for several clients.

I’m graduated as an English – Spanish translator and as a technician in communication technologies. I have been working as a content writer in both Spanish and English since 2015. Also, I have published a book of short stories and a novel.

As a fiction writer, I published two books that I edited and corrected together with the publisher. The first is a book of short stories published by the Argentine publishing house “Niña Pez Ediciones” called “Waking Up In The Dark”.

The second one is a novel called “The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious”. I’m currently translating both books into English. Both are available on Amazon Kindle Store.

My work as a Content Writer

As a Content Writer, I’m working with different clients from all parts of the world. Below there is a list of my recent clients and projects. You can contact me here:

My work with INA NERA LTD

I’m working as a Freelance Content Writer at Ina Nera from Feb 2020 till Present. Ina Nera is located at 20-22 Wenlock Road London N17GU England (United Kingdom). Founded in 2017 in London, Ina Contemporary Art, is a traveling gallery that works to promote the artists it represents.

My work with Swell Country LLC

I have been working as a freelance virtual assistant and Content Writer at Swell Country LLC. “At Swell, we know the pains of outsourcing digital marketing. The average agency overpromises but underdelivers. We also understand that you may not have a huge budget, and you can’t afford to hire an in-house digital marketing manager either.”

My work with

I’m working as a Freelance Content Writer at Top Content from Feb 2020 till Present. Top Content is located at SOHO The Strand Fawwara Building, Triq I-Imsida, Gzira, GZR 1401 Malta and it’s a global agency providing quality content writing and translations in many languages.

My work with

I’m a member of the writer’s team at All Stringed. On this site, guitar players find a place to learn to play guitar or to improve their skills. All Stringed is formed by a group of guitar enthusiasts. Our mission is to help people learn to play guitar or bass guitar in the easiest way possible. We want to share our passion and experience with you. I write every week in this site articles and reviews about guitars, lessons, courses and every kind of guitar material.

My work at All Stringed

I have almost 30 years of experience playing electric and acoustic guitar. I started playing guitar when he was 14 as a self-taught boy at home. There was no internet or social networking there in the late ’80s. I didn’t have the many resources we have access to today. I learned to play electric guitar from the beginning, but only with the help of a friend and some “Guitar Player” magazines with tablatures and tips.

My work with PLUS TEL SRL

I’m a partner at PLUS TEL SRL. I have been working on this business since 1997. I have been a Senior Technician from Dec 1997 till Dec 2002. At that time my work consisted of installing communications and IT systems as official agents for SIEMENS, NEC and Panasonic. I have been an Account Manager from Dec 2002 till Mar 2012. In that period of time, my work consisted of selling communications and IT.

Then I was the General Manager of the business from Apr 2012 till Nov 2019. In that period of time, I worked as the general manager and partner as an official agent for Atos Unify, NEC and Panasonic, in the selling and installation of communications and IT systems.

Now I’m working for PLUS TEL as a freelance sales consultant since Dec 2019. Helping the business selling communications and IT systems as an official agent for Atos Unify, NEC and Panasonic.

My published books as a Creative Writer

“Waking Up In The Dark” was published in 2019

“Waking Up In The Dark” is my first published book in Spanish, with the Argentine publishing house “Niña Pez Ediciones”, and it’ll be soon on Amazon. The fourteen stories that make up this book are about childhood adventures; deal with disagreements; the separations that are generated both with distance and with the passage of time; the loss of the dearest and the unexpected reunions. The protagonists of these stories sometimes feel that hope is lost, that love is over, that their world is falling apart. But moved by an internal fire, they manage to find new forces to recover the lost and understand that they are made in the depths of their being. 

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“The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious” was published in 2020

“The Big room — Brief Journey Through The Unconscious” is my first novel, and tells the story of Julian, who suffers from depression and is admitted to a psychiatric clinic. Isolated and far from his family is when he starts writing every day. Thus, he revisits his childhood and travels a large part of his past life until he reaches his present. As he writes, he also reads in parallel the novel by an unknown author named Walter Solar. Julian feels identified with Eden, the protagonist of that novel. The two are rebuilding their lives in parallel; Julian through the stories he manages to tear away from oblivion; Eden traveling a world that borders dreams and nightmares. Both struggle to discover the world that lies hidden within each one.

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Please contact me and let me know how I can help you.

Best regards,

Damian Furfuro

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