Five essential of English literature converted into films and…

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English literature has proven to be one of the most important of all time. It had its splendor in the middle of the Victorian era during the nineteenth century. But we are still in contact with many of the classics of that golden age thanks to their transformation into new successes in film and television.

    In these times of abundant consumption of series and films, giants of the audiovisual industry such as Netflix and Amazon never tire of generating content based on stories taken from this literature. Below I will highlight five essential works from English literature that have been well adapted for the big screen or television.

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Awakening in the Darks

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I present my book “Awakening in the Dark”. Which will be on sale from December 10, 2019. We have been working for some time with Jessica from the independent publisher “Niña Pez Ediciones”. It will contain what I think are my best stories. Some stories that I write to stop them from chasing me. Some small pieces of my soul that most of the time resist being captured. We hope to have it ready soon.

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Movies & Series

“Lágrimas en la lluvia” del replicante Roy Batty

“Yo he visto cosas que ustedes no creerían. Naves de ataque en llamas más allá del hombro de Orión. He visto rayos-C brillar en la oscuridad cerca de la Puerta de Tannhäuser. Todos esos momentos se perderán en el tiempo, como lágrimas en la lluvia. Es hora de morir”.
El replicante Roy Batty.

“Lágrimas en la lluvia” es el monólogo final del replicante Roy Batty (interpretado por Rutger Hauer) en la película “Blade Runner” (1982) de Ridley Scott. Basada en la novela de Philip K. Dick “¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas?” De 1968.